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Tai Chi - New Teacher & New Class

Our Tai Chi family is growing, as we welcome Gerald who will be teaching with Stuart and Lynnette.

Gerald first came to Tai Chi 10 years ago when he joined one of Stuart's classes in Flitwick; one of the places he ran community classes before akarmalife studios was founded in 2013. Initially training once per week, Gerald immediately felt the value of the practice and very quickly moved to training three times per week at multiple venues from Flitwick to Marston and Dunstable.

Stuart, Gerald, Lynnette, Mike (another of our teachers) and Keith (who sadly passed away last year) have spent many hours studying the martial aspects, weapons and Pushing Hands training of Tai Chi as well as performing at various demonstrations across the county.

With a background in Karate and a keen interest in the Oriental Martial Arts, Gerald is a natural study of the philosophy that underpins all the arts. So not just the physical aspects of the training but also Chi Kung with breathwork and meditation.

It’s the enquiring, beginners mind and continual training and refining that makes Gerald stand out. Gerald joins only three other people to ever be qualified to teacher alongside Stuart in his 22 years of teaching.

Gerald is already working with us as maintenance support for akarmalife so many of you will recognise his face. However, he is not just the mild mannered, kind-hearted Janitor (pop culture reference from many of our childhoods) he may appear.

We look forward to Gerald finally starting with us as a teacher, taking the class on as his own, adding his unique understanding and flavour as well as supporting Lynnette's Wednesday classes.

Welcome Gerald!

You can join him for Tai Chi classes on Mondays, 12-1pm.


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