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Most yoga classes include breathing techniques, postures and relaxation but the amount of effort and focus varies greatly between styles and teachers.


Vinyasa styles require more stamina and strength. Body and breath sensing styles allow more time to get into postures and for adaptations. Restorative styles are deeply relaxing and meditation connects you to your innate sense of wellbeing.

More intense, dynamic:

Vinyasa Flow

Ashtanga Vinyasa


Slower paced and focused:

Hatha All Levels

Hot Yoga 


Restorative and Meditation:

Yin & Mindfulness

Yoga classes Ampthill Bedfordshire


Joseph Pilates created the Pilates method for rehabilitation purposes. Today many people who start Pilates are recovering from injury, however it's equally as beneficial for anyone to help enhance athletic performance, prevent injury and move better in daily life. 


Pilates is a series of controlled movements. Focusing on the deep muscles of the torso (abdomen, pelvis, scapula and spine), it promotes better posture and balance. It builds core strength and stability while restoring the natural curves of the spine, bringing awareness of how your body works and moves.

Pilates Classical

Pilates Contemporary

Pilates Fundamentals



Weight resistance exercise is essential for health, being strong and mobile.


We seek to correct dysfunction through teaching and training in functional movement. Paying attention to posture, alignment and muscle recruitment we help you find your optimal movement pattens and build strength.


Core Stability

Suspended Resistance (SRX)

Circuits (held in the Strength & Rehab Centre)

Strength fitness classes Ampthill Bedfordshire


This is THE class for anyone working through injury recovery and prevention. If you spend a lot of time sitting, on devices or carry lots of tension, book yourself a space. 


Based on our own experience and over 20 years of training, teaching and working with individual clients. This mat based class targets problem areas to promote health and mobility of skin, muscles, fascia and joints for greater, pain free movement. 


We use a number of pieces of equipment that are commonly used, but often ineffectively. We teach you the latest knowledge, research and techniques from our experience, working with bodies bio-dynamically to release unhelpful postural patterns.

All Levels 

Injury rehab classes Ampthill Bedfordshire


Mainly practiced for its health benefits rather than a martial art, Tai Chi is a moving meditation that helps to improve balance, coordination, breathing and concentration. 


The practice originated in China as a way of moving back towards the suppleness of a child the older we get. It is the No.1 practice for reducing falls in older populations and Chi Kung along with yoga, is the oldest system of learning how to utilise the breath for better health. 

All Levels

Tai Chi classes Ampthill Bedfordshire
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