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Studio Etiquette Tips

Whether you are a newby or long time member, attending a yoga or a strength class, brush up on your studio etiquette with these tips from our teachers. (Hollie, you should know better than arriving late for class!)

akarmalife studios is an oasis in the heart of Ampthill. Our premises is a building full of character, but our greatest asset is our community (members and teachers alike). We want everyone to feel akarmalife studios is somewhere you look forward to coming to, somewhere you fit in and somewhere you feel cared for.

We can all help contribute to this feel by following simple etiquette tips. Here our teachers share some of their pet peeves and habits that can distract from that feeling of an oasis and a safe, comfortable, welcoming space.

Recognise your pet peeve in this list, or perhaps guilty of one or two? No sweat (save that for your practice or training), let go of the judgement and make a note-to-self to be mindful of it when you are at the studio.

Arriving at the studio

Close the front door behind you.

Arrive for class at least a few minutes before it starts to settle and get any equipment you need.

There is plenty of shelf and cubbyhole spaces for shoes, use them rather than the floor. (Olena doesn't need any more WTF frown lines.)

Keep the space tidy

You are welcome to borrow the equipment, just put it back neatly and in the correct draw or shelf. (Serouisly, this is causing Stuart much anguish.)

Like in an airplane, leave the toilet as you would like to find it and turn off the light.

If you use a cup or mug, wash it up rather than leave it in the sink.

Connect with humans, not devices

Are you obsessed with your smart watch or device? Connect to your body and listen, it will tell you how hard you are working, how well you slept, when to eat and if you need the toilet.

Phones on silent and still mode... avoid ringing, vibrating, dinging and do you really need to answer that message? (Rachel, your mum can wait!)

Consider the next person

In the SRC, leaving the equipment unloaded is considerate and makes everything accessible to the next person. Not everyone is strong enough to move heavy weights off of the free weight machines. (Just look at poor Tom struggling!)

This goes for the Smith machine too. Lower it down as not everyone can reach the bar when left on the high setting.

If you sweat, wipe down the mat and equipment.

Personal space and the zen zone

We love a good catch up and chat. But if you are in the common areas when classes or client sessions are on, turn the volume down.

Hydration is important. Having water before and and after class is sufficent. In yoga it is advised to not drink water as you are building heat in your body intentionally. Maybe skip the water bottle next to your mat as the sound of them getting knocked over can take you out of the zone. (See how Sunny loses concentration and comes crashing down like her water bottle!)

Bring only the essentials into the studio, like the equipment you need and valuables. Lots of personal belongings create clutter and trip hazards.

Talking during class... this depends on the class as we do appreciate good banter and occasional teacher heckling. A little chit chat with your neighbour in a yoga class, not so much.

Hygiene. Need we say more?


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