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**Now enrolling for September 2024**

Community and partnerships run through our veins at akarmalife studios. That's why we bring you Yoga Teacher Training in partnership with Tom Davies of Train108. Tom, Olena and Stuart have years of personal practice and teaching and education experience with the qualifications to back it up.

As one student said about akarmalife, “I have trained in a lot of studios, in a lot of capitals, have had famous films stars next to me in classes and can’t believe this level of skill and teaching is available in Ampthill.” Now we pass that skill on to others to teach.

Consider joining us in your own evolution... deepen your understanding of yoga through teacher training. And perhaps even teach! Currently in our second year of full enrolment, you can register your interest for a place on our 2024 course.

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Yoga is a personal journey. Why should your training be any different? The Train 108 Yoga Teaching Diploma is CIMPSA accredited. It is the solid foundation you need to follow your unique path for both your own practice and teaching.

It’s common for people to finish a training and not feel confident to teach. Stuart, Olena and Tom will enable you to be a teacher from day 1. With decades of combined experience you will get personal support to find your niche and be your most authentic, awesome self... as a yoga teacher!

  • Face to face training supplemented with an e-learning platform of interactive resources and lectures.

  • Weekend sessions that accommodate other life commitments.

  • Train at akarmalife studios with the opportunity to teach real live classes.

  • Small group to build strong relationships with like-minded people.

  • Fills the missing gaps in other teacher trainings... you get hands on.

Visit the Train108 website to find out more. Or book a no obligation Discovery Call with Tom to discuss the course and secure your place.

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