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15 Peaks 10th Anniversary Challenge

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of akarmalife studios. We are making something of it by doing what represents who we are and what we stand for; Community, Fitness, Health, Challenge, Doings things differently. What better way than to set a BIG challenge.

The 15 Welsh Peaks Challenge runs 21 - 23 April. It's 15 Welsh Peaks above 3000ft over three days.

Stuart says, "I wanted to set up a challenge to represent the ups and downs of everyday life, and certainly the past few years. Going for 10 years, we have a strong community and so wanted something that people could aspire to and that would have positive outcomes for physical and mental health."

Raising money for two charities that are close to our hearts. You can show your support for Stuart, Keith, Steve and the 24 akarmalife community members who are joining them for all or some of the challenge, by sponsoring them through one of these charities:

When we say challenge we mean it! It is no easy feat and your support is greatly appreciated by everyone who is training to take on the mountains and for the charities we're raising money for. Thank you 🙏

How did it come about? Keith, Stuart and Steve did a Snowdon trek and as Keith says, "Love Snowdonia and fancied a new challenge. Considered the 24 hour version but with interest in more people joining us, decided a long weekend would be more fun!" And for Steve, any excuse to be in the mountains, enjoying other people's company and the akarmalife community will do. Oh and, "Because Stu and Keith told me I was going!".

Everyone is busy with their preparation, having had a biometrics assessment for fitness with a personal training plan. Training is a mix of the Strength & Rehab Centre, classes and walking local hills or proper peaks further afield.

Everyone starts where they are and has their own reasons for taking up the challenge. Here are some of them:

James, "... to give a purpose to my training, which is now more focused. I love a challenge, especially one as part of a team, you feel the achievement more when you share it with others!".

Thelma, "Doing something with akarmalife would give me the support and understanding I needed to achieve as much as I possibly could. Just like akarmalife has helped and challenged me over the last few years, both physically and mentally. But with just the right amount of pressure to spur me into action myself."

Nadine, "The Welsh 3000's will be a great physical challenge to push myself beyond my known limits. Any opportunity to go hiking to escape busy daily routine and unplug from technology, I'm there!"

Chris, "I decided to do it to push myself out of my comfort zone while surrounded by people I trust to have my back in the face of adversity."

Sam, "I didn't actually sign up, Chris put my name forward, but really glad he did. I know it isn't going to be easy but it will be an amazing experience with some really great people."

Jayne, "I have no idea why I signed up! I have walked up break heart hill and it nearly killed me. It seemed like a good idea at the time!". Jayne is also recovering from the scars of memories of cross country at school.

Steve P, "I thought the 15 peaks in three days was a warm up for the real challenge - the same route in 24 hours!" I think it's just you and Keith on that one Steve....

John, "Joined because we like sharing time, air, exercise, challenges and perpetual laughter with the akarmalife community. Good people should share good times!"

Thom, " Long overdue a trip to Snowdonia, which I went to as a teenager. And an investment in getting to know more of the lovely akarmalife family better."

Catherine, "I love being outdoors and Snowdonia. It sounded like a much needed challenge to kick-start my 2023 fitness journey. As a relative newbie to akarmalife it seemed a great opportunity to get to know more people."


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