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When community comes together it looks like this 💚 ♥️

We were feeling the love (and the sweaty heat) last night as we celebrated the festive season as a community. First coming together for a revival of the annual Yoga 108 Sun Salutations charity event and then over to the White Hart for a social.

Put off by Covid, we ran the 108 two years ago online and thought it was done but it came back by demand! Raising money for a local cause, our charity this year is the Greensand Trust's Clophill Lakes appeal. There's still time to donate to this fundraiser which will make a positive difference to both local wildlife and our physical and mental health.

We began with attention and kindness to our hamstrings so everyone could walk the next day. There are lots of options for how you do yoga poses so that you can meet your body where it is at.

Everyone put in a superb effort and it was great to see a number of people having a first attempt at 108 sun salutations. It's a physically and mentally demanding task but the exhilaration at the end is worth it. And who will ever forget how to count to nine in Sanskrit or forever hear Stuart's booming voice telling them to inhale and exhale?!

Here are a few more highlights of the event...

It was then over to the White Hart pub for a social involving banter, laughs, drinks and pizza. Joined by less sweaty community members and a few from the earlier SRC Circuits class with Tash who all did an incredible 50 stations in circuits.

A heartfelt thanks to the whole akarmalife community for making this such a special place.

That's a wrap for us. But we'll be back to classes between Christmas and New Year. So come on down to the studio and see what it's all about. You can find our live timetable here.

Wishing you a peaceful New Year ✌️


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