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Welcome to our new look!

It's been a busy 18 months and no more so than the last few weeks. The studio has ungone several rounds of renovations and adaptions since January 2019 when we expanded across two floors. In our latest (and final!) round of reonvations and essential maintenance we feel we have achieved what we've always wanted to offer you. A spacious, warm and highly functional environment that is the akarmalife community space. And a brand new website that brings the space to life online.

Starting with a facelift for the entrance with a new door and signage. No longer Ampthill's best kept secret!

With over 14 days of prep, buidling work, electrics, plumbing, decorating, cleaning, assistance from our supportive members, 1000's of stairs climbed and many coffees from our neighbour's at Surfin Cafe, we got there. Here's a little before and after of the main works from this round.

And after all that effort... this is the space we are looking forward to welcoming you back to! The big change is to our entrance and the studio. With a new door and signage and in studio a wall down and new floor, lighting and heating. The less glamourous aspects of the work include a few old rads out, shelves down, painting and essential electrical updates. Oh, and we are re-opening the second toilet on the top floor.

All classes, therapies and Strength & Rehab sessions start back 1 September.

Drop in and say hello!


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