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Look who is joining the Strength & Rehab team

Do you recognise the smiling face of Natasha Moore? She loves burpees, has bundles of energy, trains like a warrior woman in the SRC and teaches Strength Circuits classes.

Affectionately known at 'Tasha Kitten' because of her energy and playfulness (think kitten with a ball of string). Tasha has been working on her PT qualification for the last year, fitting in her studying between teaching, her other daytime career as a lawyer and being a mum to Louie and Olivia.

Tasha has been with akarmalife for six years, the last four as client working with Stuart on rehab and maintenance for the injuries she picked up from the many hours of teaching high impact classes. Then she joined as a teacher, instructing strength classes, including the Monday and Thursday 6pm Strength Circuits in the Strength & Rehab Centre (SRC).

Stuart says, 'Every session I do with Tasha I'm being quizzed. Her curiousity and thirst for knowledge bursts out of her. She wants to know how everything is connected, how it all works, how to fix it and constantly strives to improve her form and movement patterns.'

It was during her rehab work in the SRC that things really started to make sense. Her fascination with injury recovery and prevention led her to start her PT qualification last year, with some encourgement from Stuart.

We are so glad she took the plunge and you will be too! Tasha has an amazing personality and can help you believe anything is possible. She's a great addition to the SRC team and will be joining Stuart and Tom from the end of February.

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