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Studio Guidelines for Covid-19

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Update - 30 November 2021

From Tuesday, 30th November, everyone in England must wear a face-covering in shops, unless they are exempt. We are requesting that you wear a face-covering when you come to classes as the reception area can get busy. Please remove the face covering when you go into the studio or SRC. Over the next few days, we’ll be putting signs back up as a reminder to help us all get back into the habit.

We continue to thoroughly clean the premises three times a week and sanitise in between. The air quality in the studio was tested over a ten 10 day period using a CO2 monitor and a combination of open/closed windows and doors and varying numbers of people and the results were satisfactory all round. We will continue to spot monitor this for the busier classes.

You can help! Please remember to wash your hands frequently and use a hand sanitiser when you arrive at the studio (available by the front door, first landing and reception).

Continue to bring your own mat and also props if you have them. Maybe you'd like to add these to your Christmas wish list :)

Consider doing a lateral flow test twice a week or on days you come to the studio. Stay at home if you are feeling unwell or have any coronavirus symptoms. For the latest advice on staying at home and when to self-isolate, visit -


In studio classes from 22 May 2021

It looks like the nation is on track for group indoor classes starting again soon and we couldn't be more excited. We look forward to welcoming you back to the studio when you feel ready to join us.

In order for everyone to feel safe and comfortable, and to comply with current government guidance, we have put the following guidelines in place. We will continue to monitor our risk assessment and control measures and consult with teachers and students, updating appropriately as government advice changes.

Booking into classes

Continue to follow the government 'stay at home' guidance for possible or confirmed cases of COVID-19. If you are in a high risk group or living with someone who is shielding we recommend that you continue to access classes online. Ensure that your contact details are up to date in the booking system so that you can be contacted if there is a case of COVID-19 connected to your class at the studio.

To reduce the number of people entering the building and to maintain social distancing, we are transitioning classes back to the studio in a phased approach. Class numbers are restricted to enable equal spacing between mats so it is crucial that you book in and cancel your space in advance if you can no longer attend. Please note that as per membership T&C’s, if you fail to attend a class you are booked in to we reserve the right to cancel your recurring reservation and to charge a fee for Unlimited Memberships. Consider others who could have booked into the class. Anyone entering the building not booked into classes or therapies should check in via the NHS track and trace app. Our QR code is displayed as you enter the building. Most enquiries are dealt with online.

What to bring

Wash your hands thoroughly before arriving at the studio. You must bring your own CLEAN mat and CLEAN props (use a carrier bag for props). See our list of recommended props for each class type. Ensure you place your props in the carrier bag and clean them after use when you return home. Note that windows will be open for the duration of the class to provide necessary ventilation so dress in appropriate layers for warmth. If you need to take layers off they are to remain by your mat. Do not open or close a window, only the teacher or therapist may do this. If you are coming to akarmalife please wear a face covering. You will need to keep it on until you get to your practice space when you will remove it and place it on your mat or personal belongings. As per government advice,' All forms of face coverings may restrict breathing efficiency and should not be used during exercise except on specific advice from a physician. If you do not feel comfortable joining a class without a face covering we would advise you to continue to access classes online.

At the studio

Use hand sanitiser as you enter the building. There is additional hand sanitiser outside of the Strength & Rehab Centre and by the upstairs sink outside of the studio.

Follow guidelines for cough and sneeze etiquette. Tissues must be disposed of in a lidded bin. One toilet on each floor is open for use at the studio but we would strongly encourage you to only use it if unavoidable. These are wiped down after each class. Avoid touching your face and any unnecessary surfaces with your hands, including door handles and light switches. Follow social distancing, respecting everyone's space, particularly on the stairs and going in/out of reception. You may need to wait for someone to exit before you can pass. Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your class starts. Head to reception and leave your coat and shoes as usual. Only bring the equipment required and no extra clothes, bags, etc. Go straight into the studio and lay your mat out as guided by the teacher. Please do not move or adjust the placement of your mat to ensure everyone has sufficient space. Place your personal items and props off to the side of your mat. Your face covering must go on your mat or personal belongings for hygiene reasons. Stay on your mat for the duration of the class unless an emergency. No hands on adjustments are given. When class ends, leave in a manor that maintains social distancing and avoid spending longer in reception than necessary.

Studio hygiene

Classes are spaced to enable change over and cleaning of key touch points. We will continue with current rigorous cleaning procedures, reviewing and adapting where necessary and as the number of people using the studio increases. In the event of tightening of measures we will revert to offering online classes only. It is great that we have a sociable environment but must follow current government guidelines. If you have any concerns about health and safety at the studio contact


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