Introduction to Pilates

Change the way you move, sit, sleep and more
in our Introduction to Pilates 6 week course 
with Niki Shokar.


Pilates is designed to re-address the body’s natural balance through a series of controlled movements. Focusing on the deep muscles of the torso; abdomen, pelvis, scapula and back which act as the centre of support for the rest of the body.

Pilates can:

- Improve back pain and posture
- Improve your movement patterns

- Decrease stress and tension
- Increase strength, stability, athletic performance and more...

WHEN: Sundays starting on 15th November at 10:15am.

WHERE: akarmalife studios, Ampthill
HOW LONG: 6 weeks, 1 session per week 10:15-11:15am, investment is just £72 

What you'll discover in these six weeks:


- The basic principles and how they apply to movements not just in your practice but in everyday life too.

- How to look at your body from the inside out. Helping you to understand how your body moves and feels in space. 

- What works for you and how to adapt exercises to meet your body where it's at.

What you will get in these six weeks:

- Knowledgable tuition that layers the learning in each session.

- A supporting email each week so you can practice at home.

- Confidence to join Pilates - All levels classes and keep your journey progressing.


Don't miss out...

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